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How much do extensions cost?

The cost of extensions vary dramatically between each client. We will schedule a consultation first to determine which method or combination of methods you will need. Then we will discuss how much hair will be needed and which colors. You will pay for the hair when it is ordered.

$20 consultation fee goes towards the instillation of your extensions.

$400 deposit when your appointment is made. This goes towards the cost of your hair. Should your hair cost more, it will be added to the cost of your instillation the day we do your extensions!

TAPE INS: We recommend 2-4 bags of TAPE-INS for a full head. 1 bag is ideal for just creating volume, not adding length.

16”: $120/BAG | 22”: $160/BAG (tape ins do not come in half bags)

WEFTS: We recommend 1-3 bags of WEFTS for a full head. 1 bag is ideal for just creating volume, not adding length. Half bags are available for wefts but not in every color. Often times we will do 1 FULL bag of wefts, a HALF bag of another color and a bag of tape ins all on one head. Hand tied wefts vs. machine wefts vary in price.

22” half bag machine(60 grams): $140/BAG | 22” full bag machine (120 grams): $280/BAG 20” half bag hand tied (60 grams): $190/BAG | 20” full bag hand tied(120 grams): $380/BAG

Once the hair is purchased, we will set a date for your install. Depending on if we are also coloring that day, the appointment includes installation, cut/blending &style.

$60/bag to install tape ins | $60/ weft to install both hand tied and machine wefts

What are the major differences between Hand Tied and Machine Weft?

The high hair quality is the same for Hand Tied and Machine Wefts. The difference is in the manufacturing process.

Hand Tied Wefts

  • Hand tied are sewn by hand. Because of this extra work and detail, the hair is thinner and lays flatter on the head

  • Hand tied come in six or three (half) pieces

  • Hand tied come pre-cut. We recommend that you do NOT cut the hair.

  • Hand tied are 20 inches in length

Machine Wefts

  • Machine wefts are machine sewn. Because of this, the hair is thicker on the head

  • Machine wefts come in one piece

  • Machine wefts can be cut to fit the head

  • Machine wefts are 22 inches in length

What are tape-in extensions?

JZ Styles hair extensions are 100% human remy hair.  Each package contains 20 pieces.  We provide 16 and 22 inch lengths. The weight for 16 inch bag is 46 grams.  Each piece is 2.3 grams.  The weight for 22 inch bag is 50 grams.  Each piece is 2.5 grams. The extensions will last 6-9 months with proper care. The hair is custom placed on the head to provide the best results for each client.