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Things to expect at your first time at Cortex & Co.


Hi friends!  

We get questions all the time about what makes our salon different and what to expect your first time at Cortex & Co. Salon.  To kick off our blog, I thought this would be the perfect topic to discuss.  


1.  Client consultation form-  Over the years, I have tried to figure out the best way to train other stylists on how to conduct the perfect consultation.  We all know that communication is key when you meet a new stylist so I've compiled a list of questions and fill in the blanks to help start the conversation.  When you walk in to Cortex & Co., you will be greeted and shown our waiting area.  While you're relaxing, fill out our form to the best of your ability and skip any questions you are unsure of.  This would be a great time to pull out your photos!

2. Seeing eye to eye- One of the most uncomfortable situations... I think in life... is being talked down to.  So after you've settled in to your stylist's station, we will pull up a stool and sit down facing you to talk about your goals and concerns.  You will never hear the words "So what are we doing today."  After all, you've come to a professional for advice!  

3. A relaxing shampoo experience- We would love to spoil you by giving you the most relaxing shampoo of your life!  We will start with our signature Kevin Murphy experience which begins with a detox using Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash followed by a wash and rinse tailored for your hair's texture.  We will also use this time to do a hot towel treatment on your scalp using an essential oil of your choice!

4. Wet vs. Dry Cut-  The good thing about our salon using time based services is that sometimes we will choose to start the cut while the hair is dry.  Depending on the technique used by your stylist, we often times will do 2-3 full haircuts on one head of hair in the span of 1 hour.  Wet cutting usually is best for technical cuts.  Often times we will blowdry the hair then dry cut it as well and then finish with styling.  


5. Styling tips-  Most of the time when our clients bring in photos of haircuts that they like, we have to discuss the fact that the hair in the photo is not only using styling products but also hot tools of some form to create that look.  We have just about every size iron and tool you could possibly think of which makes it easier for us to recreate that look on YOUR head of hair!  Let us show you how to hold your tools, how many sections you need to take, and what products you will need.

6. Product suggestion- This is HUGE!  Most salons push products for many different reasons.  But at Cortex & Co. we ONLY carry Kevin Murphy because we believe in it.  We will most likely suggest a shampoo/conditioner that will be necessary to maintain the health & color of your hair as well as any styling products used to create your style.  A lot of times, we even have mini versions of our products so that you can take them home to try before you commit!  



7. Pre-booking-  We know, we know.  You don't know your schedule in 6-12 weeks.  But what we DO know if you're going to need your hair serviced! Let us set you up for your next appointment so you aren't scrounging last minute to get in ( We are booked out 6-8 weeks normally) You will be reminded 2 days before your appointment!  This will also allow us to address any issues or concerns since your previous service and whether our timing was good or if we could wait a little longer between appointments! 

8. A thank you- Because we are VERY thankful for your business!  As flight attendants say on airplanes, we know you have a choice on which salon you patronage and we are thankful you chose ours! 


I would love to hear your feedback on our blog and what kind of questions you'd like to have us answer in future blogs! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and on Instagram!

Krystal Davidson