cortex & co. salon



Our Brand.

C O R T E X & co. was created as an outlet to express the overall importance of science in the beauty industry.  

The cortex of hair is the most manipulated part of the hair shaft and to us, is the MOST important part.

C O R T E X & co. was conceived on the simple principle of adhering to and continuously improving our core values of overall wellness, unapologetic beauty, and a solid commitment to the preservation of our planet.

Our unconventional and unpretentious approach has made us the go-to salon for effortless styling and no-maintenance hair color.


Our Culture.



Green Circle Salons is a special recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals are diverted out of our landfills and water systems.  That is 90-95% of our salons waste!  That’s right! Even the hair we sweep from the floor is repurposed. Hair can be used to help clean up oil spills, as a gardening tool to keep away rabbits, deer, etc. as well as a natural fertilizer as it decomposes and we are proud to be a part of this Green Initiative to Revolutionize the Industry.

Through our membership with Green Circle Salons, we’ve committed to a collective waste-reduction initiative. Joining was a no-brainer. Through GCS’s recycling & repurposing program, we’re able to drastically cut down on our waste. How do we do it? Throughout the salon we have several bins provided by Green Circle Salons, into which we separate and place waste and recyclables like hair cuttings, colour tubes, foils, lids, spray cans, lightbulbs, batteries, plastics, and other materials. Once a week, depending on your volumes, we schedule a pickup and UPS picks it up. Easy! When all is said and done, the amount of actual waste generated at Cortex & Co. Salon is little more than a bit of food and flower cuttings.

$1.00 from your visit to Cortex & Co. contributes to the success of this program.  Reducing your carbon footprint and having a great hair day all rolled into one. You will now see an "eco fee" on your green receipt that is emailed to you.  This directly supports the Green Circle Salon iniative and all costs related to the recycling program. 

 Krystal and her wife used reclaimed wood that was purchased locally to make all of the wooden furniture pieces by themseleves.  We hope that these little changes that we are implementing will help reduce our overall environmental impact and will encourage all of our guests to make them too!




OUR creative way of BOOKING.

The hair industry has advanced, and it’s only getting better. Our salon does not book services based off of gender.  Welcome to timing based services.  Gone are the days where blondes are getting their partial highlights touched up every 4-6 weeks.  With that being said, It takes time (otherwise called appointments) to go lighter in a realistic, healthy way—while keeping the hair a pretty color each session. Our issue with traditional color appointments such as partial highlights and root touch ups is that often times what our guest needs for the look they are wanting to achieve is a completely different service than what was scheduled.  In that case, we would either NOT be able to achieve that desired look at that appointment or would have to reschedule due to time restrictions.  Our in depth consultation process along with clear perimeters such as what is too light/too dark/too short/too long/etc. will set us up for success in choosing a technique to    create your new look.  Hairstyling and coloring is a creative process.  We are hoping to bring this modern way of doing hair to our wonderful community of Los Alamos.